I like watch "X-Files" series TV, I like "UFO" and "aliens" stores, I like see "Fox Mulder" when explore unclear things, and when "Dana Scully" clearing up things, i see it on MBC4 from about 2 years ago (about 2 epesode in a week),  Saturday  and Sunday from about 09:30 to 10:30, in normal case but some time come before this time or after (its nomal because MBC4 still arabic channel).

but last week MBC4 canceled "X-Files" from schedule in this month.

"MBC Action" after starting in (5.3.2007) gave many TV Series like "Prison Break" (TV Land on Showtime Network start this series before MBC Action from about 2 weeks) and "LOST" but i still like watcing "X-Files".



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