Nokia N95/N75

Nokia announced a couple N-series multimedia devices today or multimedia computers as they like to call them. First off is the Nokia N95, a top-of-the-line camera slider with 5 megapixel camera, HSDPA and built-in GPS navigation system. Then comes the clamshell Nokia N75, the smallest N-series device to date, with a 2 megapixel camera and 3G support.

maybe i change my mobile again ;(
its normal options, but when you have 4GB HDD + GPS + 5MP Camera in your Hand, i think is deferent.

but N70 is good too.

Internet Explorer 7 RC

last day i see the IE7 is ready for download, its original version not just a beta version, but is tis good software?

about me i use FireFox, its good internet browser, speed, easy, many plog-in, its open source, thats why you can find many application working with FireFox, and the big thing The FireFox Have all New options included in IE7, like Multi Browser, RSS, Security, ...

i dont know whats new things i can find it in IE7, i think just low speed for my browser and more changes in Windows Registry ;)

what about you?

Traffic Again

where you go you find cars, cars everywhere, some time i see my city (tripoli) as a very small city, you can't find place to take your car, or walking, but in really the Tripoli is very big city.
where is the problem?

i think problem is the tripoli not have many Parking places to take a car, thats why i think must create new parking ith multi-floor, and any one want take a car most bay the place for car.


Korea - Libya IT Cooperation Conference (2006-09-20)

in (2006-09-20) i go to Korea - Libya IT Cooperation Conference, first i think this meeting talking about some new Devices or Software or something like this, but when people talking i find whats this Conference talking about.

Korea need take some libyan stodent to move it to Korea (by Free) then learning about Korean technological (like devices from LG), to make libyan people buy Korean Devices and Technology.

and i explore new things: Korean people talking about Broadband, WiFi, RFID, 3G, GPRS, ADSA and VDSL as normal things, but in libya we see this Technology as very power Technology, and we can't find it here.

i dont know when this tims coming, when libyan people use this Technology as a normal, until now i use ADSL max speed 256KBp, and max download 5GB per Month, i need more, we need more.



i hate traffic, i cant make good appointment, and lose lany time without doing any good things.

every time i take photo by my Mobile Phone (Nokia N70), i like take photo, then i download Photos on my PC and Organize it by my Softwares to take every photo on folder caled by Photo Taken Date, and i can see photo taken from 1 or 2 years in same day, i like that, and i like see what is changed with me (Face, Body and others).

water, but you can see small bug.

testing N73 Macro Mode, nice focus but high light from the flash, and you can't control the lens focus.

i think i go to using Real Digital Camera (Like Sony Cyber Shoot), because camera phone not have all Power of Real Digital Camera.



this days many people on the internet talking about ZUNE, do you know what is zune?
ZUNE is new device from microsoft like IPOD from APPLE, this Device working as MP3 Player + FM Radio + Video Player, and more...
in this device you can find: WiFi, 30GB HDD, MP3 Player, ACC Player, working on Windows Mobile 5, Video Output, Head Set, and More.
about me if i want buy device like this i go to SmartPhone with Windows Mobile like I-Mate (because support arabic and available in libya), but about this device i dont think i use it.
note: now i use Nokia N70 (Very Simple) + Nokia N73 (Best Camera) + Muvo2000 Creative (1GB + Fm Radio).


Nokia N73

it's nice device, and have many good things, but if you are live in libya you must use "Libyana GSM Company" to get the power of GPRS World.

Good Things: big screen, USB2 Mass Storage Device, 3.2 MP Camera, Auto Foucs, better 3D Stereo Sound, Connect to Flickr and upload photo very easy, many Internet Software (Search, Web, RSS Reader), FM Radio, Nece Lens Protection, and more.

Bad Things: bad key Pad, big size, Flash light eveytime you want take photo, when you use USB Device go off-line, bad MP3 Player (you cant see album photo).


BIG accident in Marseille Street

BIG accident in Marseille Street, its big thing, but if this in my country (Libya) its nothing and you can see it everydays, its normal.

Blog from Flickr

i am happy, because i can blog from my Flickr account again, now i can send post from Flickr to my Blogger Beta.


i use tow Mobile Phone

yes, in libya i use tow Number from tow Local GSM Company, why?
i use First Number from "El Madar" GSM Company, and other from "Libyana" GSM Copany.

El Madar Options:
  • low price of minute.
  • low price of SMS.
  • Good Coverage.
  • and easy to use Mobile Any time.
  • no GPRS.

  • GPRS (Internet).
  • High price of minute.
  • High price of SMS.
  • Bad Bad Coverage.

that's why i use tow Mobile Phone with Tow Numbers from Deferent GSM Companys.
if you are life in Libya which company you want to use?

from ADSL to Dial-Up

this days the subscription of my company in ADSL is stop, and manager not want to recharge it, because thinking the internet not important thing (i work in IT Company).

now i connect to the internet by my Dial-Up Subscription and by 45 kbp speed, its very low (Compare with ADSL 256 Kbp), and i can't make many things in the same time like Download E-Mails By Outlook, Browser in easy and speed, download MP3, and Chating by Voice, i dont have any solution and i must waiting my company to recharge ADSL account.

i dont know how Manager in IT Company not use the internet, specialy when this manager working in IT Company and working in Development Department (but from libya coming new).


Dont upgrade to Blogger Beta

after i upgrade to blogger Beta i lost many options like:
  • Blog from Windows Writer Live (Beta).
  • Blog from Flickr.
  • post comment to another user in Blogger.
for all that you must thinking when you need upgrade Blogger (Beta) with Google Account, now i can't send photo from Flickr, and i hate that, but what i can do.
if there any trick to downgrade (unlike Upgrade) from Blogger Beta to Blogger please tell me about it, or i use anuther tricks: open new blogger account and use it to post blog.


Windows Live Writer (Beta) with Blooger Beta

after i use Windows Live Writer (Beta) and Flickr to write and upload my Blogs and all that running right, but when i change to (Blogger Beta) with Google account i can't use Windows Live Writer (Beta) and Flickr again.
thats bad thing from Google, i hate write my blog post in Glogger, and because that i stop writing in MSN Spaces, and go to Blogger, but the problem coming again, i dont know why google make this error.
any one know how i can fix this problem?


new mobile

i try Nokia N73, with 3.2 Camera and Auto Fox, FM, MP3 Player, Wide Screen.... and More