PocketPC: advantage and disadvantage

now after about one month or more of using iMate PDAL as my mobile phone, i can talking about advantage and disadvantage of PocketPC.


  • Windows OS, thats mean all document and application stell in your pocket. 
  • you can find many applications, and you can make your own application with compact framework.NET.
  • working like PC.
  • you can see wmv,divX, MPEG(1,2) and Xvid.
  • power of WiFi connected (when you working on local network).

advantage and disadvantage:

  • low speed CPU.
  • memory full when you run more application, you must free it every some hours.
  • you can send or recieve old style picture messages (pocket outlook not support it).
  • bad built-in camera device.
  • you can't find FM Radio in iMate phones.
  • you cant mute camera sound shooter in PDAL device.
  • on screen keyboard not easy to use.

but in future i think still using PocketPC, but must be use more power CPU (400MHz or more) and more memory (1 GB or more), full keyboard device, and more big wide screen with FM Radio, what about your future mobile?

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