Listen to unlimited Music in your car

Every one need store many songs in his car, to listen to them, you can find many kind and tricks to do that like:

  • use CD-Audio CD-R.
  • use CD Car-Player support MP3 CD's.
  • Connect Portable-CD to Radio Car.
  • Connect to CD-Magazine.
  • and more tricks.

but i use cheap trick to do that, i use FM Transmitter support USB Harddisc + 1GB USB Flash disc, after that i can listen to more than 500 MP3 songs in my car without burn any CD, and i can change Songs by very easy, just plug USB Flash Disc to my PC or Portable and copy music files, i can connect to any music device support 3.5 outpot jack audio.


  • Lightwave USB to FM Transmitter = 25 L.D.
  • 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Disc = 27 L.D.
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