Korea - Libya IT Cooperation Conference (2006-09-20)

in (2006-09-20) i go to Korea - Libya IT Cooperation Conference, first i think this meeting talking about some new Devices or Software or something like this, but when people talking i find whats this Conference talking about.

Korea need take some libyan stodent to move it to Korea (by Free) then learning about Korean technological (like devices from LG), to make libyan people buy Korean Devices and Technology.

and i explore new things: Korean people talking about Broadband, WiFi, RFID, 3G, GPRS, ADSA and VDSL as normal things, but in libya we see this Technology as very power Technology, and we can't find it here.

i dont know when this tims coming, when libyan people use this Technology as a normal, until now i use ADSL max speed 256KBp, and max download 5GB per Month, i need more, we need more.

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